Frequently Asked Questions

There are countless benefits of joining our language learning community. Below are just a few:

  1. Online Spanish Classes: Private, semi-private, or small group (depending on your plan). 
  2. Our Network: Post, like, share, and connect with classmates and members of our dedicated Spanish language learning community. 
  3. Workshops: Grammar-specific lessons to review complicated subjects – ser vs. estar, por vs. para, preterite vs. imperfect, etc. 
  4. Challenges: Come together with fellow students two or three times per year to focus on a guided specific daily routine during 14, 30, or 60 consecutive days to improve your Spanish. 
  5. Book Club: Tailored for your level to learn about Latin American authors, improve vocabulary and reading comprehension. 
  6. Conversation Club: Guided conversation meetup tailored to your level lead by our instructors. 
  7. Virtual Events: Lectures or live streams about Latin America’s destinations and culture. 
  8. Discounts: On our on-demand online courses and Spanish immersion trips. 

You need to log in and have already purchased one of our small group class plans.

If you subscribe during an ongoing session, (we have 5 per year) you may join a class (based on availability) or wait until the beginning of a new session. Check out our academic calendar for session start dates. While waiting for a term to start, you can take advantage of our other premium resources and start preparing for your upcoming group class. 

Either way, we would need to assess to place you properly. The assessment is scheduled directly from your member dashboard. We don’t assess complete beginners or students who are starting at the A1.1 level. You could just let us know which class works best for your schedule. We will grant you access. After we have assessed your Spanish proficiency, you are ready to start your lessons. 

You need to log in and have already purchased one of our private or semi-private plans.

To schedule, your classes follow these simple steps. From your member dashboard, head over to the private classes tab logged-in menu located on the left of your screen or click on the private & semi-private classes icon.

You will then book your class in three simple steps: 

  1. Choose your teacher’s calendar from the dropdown menu.
  2. Request appointment. 
  3. Wait for the confirmation email. 

Once you receive the confirmation email from us, you will receive the link to join no later than a few minutes before the class start.

Depending on your plan, students take one or two lessons per week. If you don’t take the classes during a given week, they will expire and cannot roll over into the next week or month. 

For example: 

Let’s suppose your plan allows you to take two classes per week. You have from Monday through Sunday to take them. Once a lesson is skipped, missed, or not taken on any given week, it forfeits automatically. It cannot roll over to the following week or month. 

You can pause your plan when you don’t have enough time to practice. You may be going on holiday, starting a new job or life may be too busy at the moment.

We make snoozes available because we understand that the unexpected happens in life and you may want to pause your subscription for a while. 

It’s easy to pause your subscription from the subscription tab on your account settings page!

  1. You may snooze (pause) your plan for 7, or 14 days.
  2. You may only snooze your plan once every thirty days.
  3. Putting your account on snooze will change the end date of your plan.
  4. For example: if your plan was set to end on the 1st, and you snooze for 7 days your new end date will be the 8th.

You can cancel your plan anytime. To do so, you will need to send a request in writing. When you write in, please let us know why you want to cancel, so we can see if we can help!

Cancelling your plan

We understand that there are many reasons why you aren’t able to continue with your studies or we may not be the right fit. Either way, we are sorry to let you go and hope to see you soon in the future. 

Please read below to learn how we go about canceling a subscription plan. 

We offer a discount when a student commits to a 1/2 or 1-year subscription. When the student cancels, the student is breaking that commitment. 

As a result, the student will lose the original discount. Pay full price for the lessons that have already been taken. And receive any applicable refund (if any). 

The student will not qualify for a refund if the cost of the days that have been already used without the discount is higher than the amount paid for the whole plan.