Online Spanish Class Schedule

We are proud to provide innovative online Spanish classes for diverse learners. Our Spanish class schedule caters to various time zones and personal schedules, ensuring everyone can join. Our online Spanish classes are small and intimate. We offer private classes (one student for 60 minutes), semi-private classes (two students max for 60 minutes), and small group classes (four students max for 90 minutes), meeting once a week. 

We teach year-round and break the calendar year into five eight-week sessions, with a week in between where we teach workshops. Students may enroll at any time after completing an assessment unless they are a complete beginner or starting at the A1.1 (A) level. 

We teach all levels, from beginner (A1) to Advanced (C2). A1.1 is the first course we offer for beginners or someone who took Spanish in high school or college and needs a refresher from the basics. The rest of the series  (A1.2, A1.3, etc.) continue at the level. 

Check out our Spanish class schedule below, and join our community by taking the best online Spanish Classes in San Diego with our friendly certified teachers from Latin America. Our Spanish classes are taught via Zoom on Pacific Standard Time (PST). The private classes are scheduled based on your preference and our availability, for semi-privates and small group classes Spanish classes refer to the schedule below.   

Learn Spanish from anywhere, anytime.

To set up a free Spanish level assessment or learn more send us an email to –

Summer Session I 2024

Wed 05/29 – Sat 07/27 (8 weeks)
Semi-private – two students max (SP) & Small Group Classes – four students max (G)  



A1.3 (A) @ 10:10 am (Mondays) (SP)
A1.1 (A)
 @ 11:30 am (Tuesdays) (G)
A1.1 (B) @9:00 am (Wednesdays) (SP)
B1.1 @ 10:00 am (Wednesdays) (G)
A1.3 (A) @11:20 am (Wednesdays) (SP)
A2.1 (A) @ 12:00 pm (Fridays) (SP)


B2.2 @ 2:30 pm (Mondays) (G)
A2.1 (B) @ 2:20 pm (Mondays) (G)
A2.3 (B) @ 4:30 pm (Mondays) (G)
B1.1 @ 4:30 pm (Mon/Wed) (G)
A1.1 (A) @ 6:30 pm (Mondays) (G)
A2.1 (A) @ 6:30 pm (Mondays) (G)
B1.2 @ 6:30 pm (Mondays) (G)
A1.3 (B) @ 4:30 pm (Tuesdays) (G)
A2.5 (B) @ 4:30 pm (Tuesdays) (G)
A2.1 (A) @ 6:30 pm (Tuesdays) (G)
B1.3 @ 4:30 pm (Wednesdays) (G)
A1.2 (A)
 @ 6:30 pm (Wednesdays) 
B1.2 @ 6:30 pm (Wednesdays) (G)
A2.3 (A) @ 4:30 pm (Thursdays) (G)
A1.1 (B) @ 6:30 pm (Thursdays) (G)
A1.2 (B) @ 6:30 pm (Thursdays) (G) 



A1.2 (A) @ 9:00 am (Sat) (SP)
A2/B1 @ 11:10 am (Sat) (G)


Upcoming session dates

Summer II 2024 – 08/05/2024 – 10/05/2024.
Fall 2024 – 10/14/2024 – 12/14/2024.

Dates we are closed

05/27 – Memorial Day.  
06/19 – Juneteenth.
07/04 – Independence Day.